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In John 9:1-7, the account is given of a man who was born blind; whom Jesus healed. Jesus had moistened some earth with His saliva, placed it over the blind eyes, and asked the unseeing man to go and wash at a specific pool called Siloam (which means “sent”). He went to that pool as he had been ‘sent,’ washed his eyes, and in the process washed off his blindness by his ‘irrational’ obedience to divine instruction.

How could an unseeing man find his way to Siloam? He could have remained where he was, arguing the rest of his blind life against the irrationality of sending a blind man on such a mission. But somehow, he found a way to go. And his miracle was in his obedience.

Divine instructions do not always make rational sense. But that is where the miracle lies. It never made sense for Peter to obey Jesus and step out of his boat of present security to go towards Jesus on the uncertain waters of the stormy dark night. But there was a miracle in his obedience.

You will never be swallowed by the waters upon which the Master has asked you to step out. You can never be destroyed by the ‘foolishness’ of the divine instruction you obey. An African proverbs states that a parent does not send out a child to fetch live coals with the bare hands; and again, that the coals a mother asks her child to fetch will never burn that child.

Jesus met ten lepers who wanted to be healed. Rather than do it their way and grant their healing, He sent them on a mission to the priest. They were to go show themselves to the priest. That was doing things the other way round. One had to be healed first before one went to be certified healed by the priest. But they obeyed all the same. Their miracle was tied to their ‘foolish’ obedience. The Bible records that it was “as they went” that they were healed. Not before (Luke 7:11-14). There is a miracle in your obedience. Go. Amen.


From The Preacher’s diary.