An awesome panoramic insight of multiple dimensions into the simple story of the conflicts between the expiring stool of an enormous monarch and the audacious profile of a simple but dreaded court harpist with Heaven's mandate upon his young head. It is a story retold in captivating prose with the unmistakable breath of the Holy Spirit. Simply inspiring. Open Doors to Evil Spirits answers many questions about discernment of meticulously disguised evil personalities in the house of God, about wisdom for avoiding clever snares in the path of duty, about the personal dangers of the malice one harbours against another, about the need to balance outer expressions of piety with inner truths of character, etc. A reader once remarked about this book: “Simply un-put-downable.” Should you doubt it, start with the first paragraph of the first chapter, and the rest shall be your story to tell. Do receive the prophetic prayer of The Preacher in the last lines of this epistle: May your pleasant harp be never interrupted, and may your dances be never stopped by some colossal foe gone murderously mad with malice against God's fresh oil upon your precious head. Amen.

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