December 17 2017 15:36:57
Mrs. David
David had carried a burden about the ark of God, to find it a place in his capital city of Jerusalem. The first time he attempted the project, things went awry and someone died.
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Exposed: The Sponsors of Bloodshed

A few days ago, inundated by the repeated reports of deadly Islamic brutalities against the global Church, particularly the Church in Nigeria, and especially the rising statistics of gruesome fatalities, I found myself where the currents of pain and wearines sometimes carry the mind of the intercessor after many tears without a noticeable lessening of the tribulations.

thePreacherDiary on August 13 2012 14:24:04
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Why Do The Righteous Suffer?

Is sin the reason for every adversity in life? Does righteousness mean a life without problems?

thePreacherDiary on February 21 2012 21:13:49
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A throne is a seat of political and/or religious power. Most thrones wield both political and religious powers.  Even where they may be apparently political thrones, they usually exert religious powers also, and vice versa

thePreacherDiary on February 02 2012 20:30:51
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Our last post in this series on the Spirit of Sudan was “The Onus of the Watchman.” The Stop Press to that message addressed the news about the Islamic delegation that had visited some churches in Kano with the message that we were all brothers, serving the same god, and that the Boko Haram jihadists were not Muslims. I cried foul at that mission, calling those Islamic emissaries Gibeonites, of whom our elders should beware and not enter into a disarming covenant. Has Islam truly begun to agree that we serve the same God, who has a Son called Jesus the Saviour? That would be great.
thePreacherDiary on February 02 2012 20:13:23
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In the present conflicts over the soul of Nigeria, it is too early in the day to begin to celebrate, but at least we can say that God has begun to fill out mouths with laughter and our tongues with singing, and we can testify to His mercies (Psalm 126:2).  Writing “The Next Agenda” on Saturday, January 14, I remarked, “the cloud [is] not as threatening and as heavy as it has been hanging since last year.”

thePreacherDiary on January 21 2012 01:06:33
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Did you receive the December 26, 2011 message, “The Spirit of Sudan”?  Did you read the prophetic caution it also carried, that the date January 12, 2012, had been “marked for a surprise attack in an unsuspecting location” by the Islamic jihadists in Nigeria?

thePreacherDiary on January 15 2012 22:00:43
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Responses to the Spirit of Sudan & Visions of the Future

Thanks to God for His mercies and for the stirrings in the spirit from the word to Nigeria on the Spirit of Sudan. If He was not going to save us, He would not call us to prayers; if these December 2011-January 2012 days were normal times like all other times, His voice that calls to prayers would not have been so strong and so insistent from so many witnesses. A nation is coming to birth; may there be strength to deliver (Isaiah 37:3). It is a season of war. The Lord shall prevail, as in the days before.

thePreacherDiary on January 13 2012 23:18:22
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On January 12, a mail was received, citing a tweet in which Malam Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram leader, is quoted to have said, “We Are at War With Christians.”
thePreacherDiary on January 13 2012 22:25:17
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Weapons against the Spirit of Sudan

Could so many things be happening at the same time in Nigeria without significance to the destiny of the nation?  Does the coincidence of so many events in the Kingdom of God, in the kingdom of darkness, and in the natural realm of the social and political events of Nigerians say anything to anyone about how auspicious this season could be?  Need we the ancient sons of Issachar with understanding of the times to read us the signs and tell us what we ought to do (1 Chronicles 12:32)?
thePreacherDiary on January 13 2012 22:18:18
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On the Spirit of Sudan

How soon the picture plays out. God be praised for how far He has spread the word He gave, on “The Spirit of Sudan,” to which there have been several responses from far and near.  May God bless everyone who played a part in spreading the word.  One reader added: “Please remember to pray against ‘the spirit of Ivory Coast’ also.”
thePreacherDiary on January 13 2012 22:10:02
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