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    2018 - Preacher Diary

    And ye, shall seek me, and find me, WHEN ye shall SEARCH for ME with ALL your heart. Jeremiah 29:13.

    1. Search:

    That’s how to find God. God is not an ‘unfindable’ Mystery. Our desire for Him has to go beyond the casual ‘prayer’we ‘say’ here and there. It has to be a search as desperate as when one is looking for a car key so as to drive away from an advancing tornado; desperate as when a matching blood type is needed to save a dying loved one…“Ye shall SEARCH for me…”

    2. Seek Him:

    It is common for people to seek the blessing rather than the Blesser; the healing rather than the Healer. God Himself ought to be the object of the search, rather than the things we can get from Him. “Ye shall search FOR Me…” God should not be seen merely as a means to achieving some other material (or even spiritual) vanities.

    3. Total Search:

    The search has to be total, involving ”ALL [the] heart”; not one of those non-committal ‘retreats’ or vigils where the object of our efforts is usually the things that God can give rather than the God Who would give them. The search has to be desperate like Jacob’s cry. “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. (Genesis 32:25).

    Today, people have their hearts in many things. God becomes merely one of those ‘spare tyres,’ in case anything goes wrong in the way. The one who desperately clings to God does not carry spare tyres; in case God fails. That person knows that there will be help nowhere else if God does not show up. “…search… with ALL YOUR HEART.”

    When we begin so to seek God, He shall be found. Amen.

    From The Preacher’s diary.

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