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    2 Breaking up Fallow Grounds

    20 - Preacher Diary


    In 1 Peter 3:5,6, Sarah is presented as the exemplary Christian wife whom every wife should emulate. She is said there to have been “in subjection” to her husband, and to have “obeyed her husband.” Her subjection to her husband is further deducible from how she spoke to, or related with him. She called him “lord.” Thus her language was proof of her submission to, and reverence for, her husband.

    But who was this Sarah who was so submissive to her husband? Was she some ugly lady who was doing all that to keep her husband because she feared that nobody else might accept her as wife if Abraham should throw her out? Was she doing all that just to keep the marriage? No. It flowed out genuinely and naturally from her. She did not do that as a means of getting something or as a way of securing her place in the home. She was not flattering him with her “Lord” and “honey” and “darling” talk. It was not a way to get something out of him. It was genuinely Sarah. She was no ugly, abandoned woman trying to protect her interest. We read, on the contrary, that she was a very beautiful woman, so beautiful that even kings desired her to be their wife (Genesis 12:14-20; 20:1-18).

    Such a beautiful,queenly lady, whom even kings adored, still humbled herself before her husband. She did not let her beauty get into her head. She was not too proud to submit to her husband. She never let what people said about her to get at her or into her. Why? Perhaps because she saw in Abraham something which none of those kings had - the God of heaven, the promise of Jehovah. In God, Abraham was greater than all the kings of the world put together, plus their silver and gold. Thank God, today all those kings are dead and forgotten, but Abraham is not, and she also, because she stayed with him, is not forgotten. Through her did come the seed of promise, by Abraham the man whom God had blessed, although he seemed no king like all the kings of Egypt and Gerar who had at various times shown great ‘interest’ in her.


     Culled from The Preacher’s book titled: Breaking Up Fallow Grounds.”


    From The Preacher’s diary.

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