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    2018 - Preacher Diary

    But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore.   Isaiah 57:3.


    In this passage, God focuses the prophetic spotlight on sons who had been fathered by an adulterer through a whore (harlot) who is also a sorceress (witch). The noun “adulterer” is masculine (referring to the male), but “sorceress” and “whore” are feminine concepts (referring to the female). Since a child can naturally have only one mother, the words “whore” and “sorceress” must be referring to the same female, the mother. Her partner, the father of the sons, wears the nametag, “the adulterer,” suggesting that he was married. Refocusing the camera, this is the summary on the 'family': father: Mr Adultery; mother: Lady Sorcery and Prostitution; sons… we are about to find out.


    The picture is of a randy married man who abandons his own family and 'runs around' with other men's wives. Adultery. He does not care if his fun ruins those other homes. He knows his game, and is experienced in seducing women. Not satisfied with his undercover illicit triumphs, Mr Adulterer takes his unrestrained lusts into the public street, to professional sex hawkers, and eventually 'settles' down with (or is held down by) one of them that also has a diabolical side to her trade; a whore that is also a sorceress. Probably that was how she usually got her men; probably that was how she got him 'pinned' down. She also wanted to 'settle down,' after all.

    I doubt if she was the prettiest lady in the trade. Ifshe were so beautiful, and possessed the natural feminine charms to attract a man, she would not have needed the aid of sorcery. Pity the bewitched man: he has a masquerade coming for him, at last.


    Mr Adulterer had usually been 'lucky' with women. Unfortunately, after graduating from 'safely' 'playing' with other married women, he meets a professional sex trader; a diabolical professional, who had him 'detained' until he had fathered “sons” by her.

    That they had “sons” (plural) suggests that the relationship had not been a 'by mistake' affair that lasted just overnight. It lasted through nine months while she got pregnant and delivered the first son; then another year while the next son came, and on and on, one day at a time, until the days became years. Did the sorceress also make girls? We don't know. Meanwhile, this man, while he lived in that new home with the professional sex-care giver and witch, had forgotten the family he abandoned.

    4. WHY THIS MAN?

    Lady Whore never got pregnant for any of her previous clients. She chose this 'responsible' married man, breaking his already shaky home in the process. Why? Was she part of a witchcraft agenda to break homes and frustrate marriages in that community? Was it her way of entrapping the man, with one 'pregnancy,' then another? Why did she choose him?


                The man had usually gone lucky from his adulterous escapades with wives who had been too embarrassed to make public their private shame. Not with this whore. She had nothing tolose. She was going to 'broadcast' it with an undeniable protuberant pregnancy. She might have been a whore, but she was not stupid. This popular public sorceress was going to use every means possible to 'keep' him, until her goals were achieved. The game had just begun.


    Could such a prolonged confinement have been mere human 'weakness' on the part of the man? No. There was something more, that in Nigeria we would say was beyond the 'naked eye'; something about which it would be gossiped in the market places, “D woman no take naked eye 'marry' dat man.”

    Delilah was such a woman; a popular free woman whose trade was powered by sorcery. At any time in her house, there were “men hidden in the room” (Judges 16:9,12, NIV); other men besides her husband; other men in the house hidden from the professed man of the house. Whoredom! At last she got her pay from five prominent lords across the five Provinces of her Philistine country. That was how popular and powerful she was. Samson had been swimming naïve in deep, shark waters.

    One woman who could control so many men - in her house… not by a 'naked eye' at all. In the final acts of the tragic play, the confessions of her sorcery come from the very lips of her own people, from the songs they compose to celebrate the fall of Samson her latest victim. They chorused that it was their god, Dagon, that had caught that great man in her snare of lust and delivered him into their waiting hands (Judges 16:23-24). In other words, the pretty lady, unknown to her victim, had merely been a tool in the hands of higher diabolical powers. Her seductive charms were not natural female endowments. Samson never saw that with his open eyes. Delilah was too pretty to have been anything but a Valentine blessing. He moved in with her and joined the 'men' she kept in her cage, her pen, her zoo. In the end, he paid his rent - with his scooped eyes. Her rooms had not been free after all.

     To be continued.

    From The Preacher's Diary.

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