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    2018 - Preacher Diary

    32 And they bring unto him [Jesus] one that was deaf, and had an impediment in his speech; and they beseech him to put his hand upon him. 33 And he took him aside from the multitude, and put his fingers into his ears, and he spit, and touched his tongue; 34 And looking up to heaven, he sighed, and saith unto him, Ephphatha, that is, Be opened. Mark 7:32-34.

    The crowd wanted Jesus “to put his hand upon” the dumb man. Perhaps that was the method they were used to. Perhaps that was the popular method.

    They not merely expected or told Jesus to lay His hand on the sick man, they urged Him to do so; “and they beseech him.”But He did not use their method, even though it was a method He had used before, which seemed popular. Instead, He put His fingers into the deaf ears, anointed the dumb tongue with His saliva on His finger, looked up to heaven, sighed, and spoke.

    Miracles are not about methods but about God. There’s not one ‘method’ for dealing with any one condition in a subsequent instance. One blind case might warrant a laying on of hands, and another might not. One deaf case might warrant a laying ‘in’ of fingers; another might not. Every peculiar matter, its peculiar spiritual approach. Miracles are not about methods but about God.  

    A chapter later, however, a blind man is brought to Jesus and, again, He is “besought… to touch him” (Mark 8:22). Jesus took the blind man by the hand, led him out of town, spat on his eyes, and eventually “put his hands upon him” (v.23). The crowd nearly got it right this time.

    The Master might never use your methods, but He’ll always do it right.   Amen.

    From The Preacher’s diary.

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