Feb '2018


 God speaks not only by sounds but also by sight. Jesus told His listeners once upon a time to look up at the birds in the sky, because they were carrying a divine message, namely that the God Who feeds those could feed man much more. He also told them to look down and see the flowers dressed in more elaborate, royal clothes than the wealthy King Solomon. They also carried a message, that the God Who clothes those flowers whose lifespan is but a day, would clothe us too, and much more (Matthew 6:26-31).

Habakkuk states in the first verse of the second chapter of his book:

I will stand upon my watch,… and will watch to SEE what he will SAY unto me... (Habakkuk 2:1).

The prophet was not watching out to hear what God would say, but to see what God would say. He understood that God speaks not only to our ears but also to our eyes; not only through what we hear but also through what we see. He understood that we can ‘hear’ with the eyes.

May God grant you prophetic eyes for ‘hearing’ spiritual things. May your eyes be attentive to Him from today. Amen.


From The Preacher’s diary.

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