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Does Satan ever tell the truth? Sometimes one hears a Christian make reference to a prediction or some information that had emanated from a Satanic agent, and take that for a corroboration of some truth. Can we ever trust the devil to say the truth some times?

John 8:44 answers us. It says that Satan was “a murderer from the beginning,” and that “there is NO TRUTH in him”; that whenever he opens his mouth “he speaketh a lie,” and when he does so, he merely “speaketh of his own” (or, according to other translations, that he merely speaks his “native language,”) “for he is a liar,” in fact, the very “father of it.”

Can anyone trust the Father of Lies to speak truth?

Somebody might argue that Satan sometimes tells the truth. But the Bible says “there is No truth” to be found in him. Another may further ask, How then do we explain the fact that he has been known to tell some truths at least?

This is how. If I presented you with a glass of water and asked you what it was, you would tell me that it was a glass of water. But if I should introduce a single drop of a very potent poison into the glass and ask you to drink the water, you would not, no matter how thirsty you might be. Why? Because it is no more a glass of water but a glass of poison. Yet someone who did not know anything about that liquid content, being ignorant, would say that it is a glass of water and might proceed to drink it. It would look like water and taste like water; but the informed person, who knows the truth, would know that that was no more water. It had become poison.

It does not take the introduction of a large percentage of poison into any substance to change that substance into a poison. God told Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit because if they ate it they would surely die. When Satan quoted the same commandment, he merely added one tiny drop of a poisonous “not” into that glass of commandment and changed it into a glass of poison. He told Eve, “Ye shall NOT surely die” (Genesis 3:3). That one drop of a “not” made that statement no more the word of God. When Adam and Eve drank that glass, they did it to their own detriment.

So, does Satan tell the truth? The crafty devil will never present any thinking person with a coloured substance and expect them to call it a glass of water. What he does is introduce a tiny drop of a very poisonous “not” into the glass, and urge the foolish to take it to their doom.

John 10:10 very clearly warns that the devil is never a friend. Whenever he goes on a visit, it is not because he means well. His two characteristic gifts to those he visits are death and destruction, otherwise, thirdly, he steals from them. So, can there be a friendly devil?

Even when Satan appears to have done some good or given a gift, it is as a bait. It is the type of gift a fisherman gives a fish at the end of a hook. Only the foolish fish will call it a gift. The devil will always be the devil that he is. A church devil is no less a devil than a cult devil. Whether he wears a black shroud or a white frock, he is still the devil inside.

From The Preacher’s diary.

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