58 For they provoked him with their high places, and moved him to jealousy with their graven images [idolatry]. 59 When God heard this [who

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It is possible to be in tribulations yet be at great peace in those tribulations. It is possible to be dry in the midst of an ocean, depending on where one is. One man in the

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The Alternative Gos

I was once on a flight to Abuja, Nigeria, and got talking with a man who wore a conspicuous large and flowing ecclesiastical cross. I spoke with him with all the respect due

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Blamed on the Weath

Blamed on the WeatherToo Risky to TryThe weather is not always a reliable teller of time, of the timeliness of a time.  Weathe

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  • Mrs J. W.

    “ During the September retreat of The Preacher last year in Abuja, Nigeria, I had several encounters. During the communion service, I felt the power of God mightily. Soon after that ...”

  • Sis R. Q.

    “ I thank God for being at the September 2014 prayer retreat of The Preacher because of the much insights received and the call to result-oriented prayers and intercessions for Niger...”

  • A. A

    “ I had come to camp for The Preacher Prayer Retreat in Abuja to seek God's intervention in Nigeria. Now I have a greater burden for my country Nigeria. This past weekend of the ret...”

  • Barrister G

    “ I used not to remember my dreams. At the recent Preacher retreat, prayers were said for prophetic eyes to open and to begin to see. I had four dreams and I remember them all....”